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Pilates is a functional based practise that utilises the 6 principles: Concentration, Centering, Control, Breathing, Flow and Precision. These are fundamental to improving your posture, movement, alignment, balance, co-ordination, proprioception, strength, flexibility and general wellbeing. It is a holistic practise suitable for all ages, levels and conditions and recommended by many experts as the safest form of exercise you can do.


After sustaining several injuries from martial arts and a trampolining accident, I came across the beautiful practise of Pilates. I finally found a practise that gave me the stability, control and more efficient movement I needed, not only to pursue my other exercise passions, but also to get a far deeper understanding of how my body works. My injuries and self practise have helped me empathise and strive to help others with injury prevention and managing conditions, as well as guiding others to connect with their own unique body’s needs. I teach a wide variety of clients ranging from remedial and special needs work, to working with aerial circus, climbers and other athletes.  My classes are catered for all ages and abilities including older adults and pregnancy and postnatal. I did my pregnancy and post natal training through The Thoughtful Body and I am a member of IPTA (Independant Pilates Teacher Association)

A brief video with Instructorlive explains who I am, my approach to movement and Pilates. I also have a few FREE pilates video clips available on the NHS fitness studio website too. Please get in touch via contact page for more information.